Duke RR, TTT and Criterium

Road Race & Team Time Trial

The Virginia Tech race weekend was an unusual one, mainly because Matt Bruner was not present to shepherd our herd of cyclists, partially because our wonderful Kask helmets could not be displayed for the conference to see, and according to the forecast, this weekend would be the first in which no winter clothing needed to be worn. Despite the unfamiliar circumstances, our select group of B’s and C’s set off for Blacksburg.

The hope for the opportunity to cultivate tan lines was dashed by the chilly weather surrounding the road race course. So the C racers went into the cold weather as usual. There were rare occurrences of uphill crashes on every lap. Adam Stewart opted to drop early in order to give his best in the Team Time Trial. Stephon Beaufort was unwillingly dropped at the end of the first lap, but finished in a group of six to round out the top 20. Nik Smith worked hard the entire race, but was relegated to the back of the field late in the race due to an unreliable enforcement of the center-line rule. The call did not stop him from finishing 8th. Meanwhile, Mary Conrad bared the cold to get her second straight 7th place finish of the season.

The B Men set out to do work in what was an unusually long race. With such long distance, the feed zone was to be utilized. It was placed a few dozen yards in front of the finish line, in the final stretch of the main descent on the course. All racers would be feeding at a considerably high speed. The first two laps of the race were pretty sanguine for all three of our racers, but the third saw Richard O’Briant getting dropped into a second group. Michael Rosenberg followed suit in the next lap. As preparation for the last lap, Rosenberg readied to get fed water. Unfortunately, the aforementioned feed zone circumstance and the failed opportunity resulted in his loss of balance and ultimate acquaintanceship with the road. His ego was bruised, but more importantly, his brand new kit provided by Giordana was torn apart. Kevin Long, with all his kindness, finished Michael at the back of the field. In the end, Dylan Lawson was working hard until the end, and gave the team our best finish of the day with 4th place.


The next day was warmer, and the temperature was such that leg warmer were for once unnecessary. However, this was not the case for Mary; her race began at 8:40 in the morning. She represent for 30 minutes to bring the rear of the race. In the Men’s C race, a fresh-legged Adam was prepared to do the most work on the front of a criterium he’s ever done. He helped to keep the race together up to the final laps. He ultimately brought in the back of the pack. ‘Friendly verbal competition’ is the politically correct way to characterize the interaction between Nik and Stephon that took place prior to Sunday’s race. The friendly competition came into play at the sprint to the finish when Nik raced ahead to take the 10th place spot in front of Stephon’s 11th.

There was much pressure on Richard’s shoulders; he won VT’s criterium in the C’s in 2013. For today however, the legs did not seem to be there as he ended up behind the race early on. Michael, back in the saddle after yesterday’s crash, followed suit. DL had a worthwhile finish in 11th place.

- Stephon Beaufort

Duke RR and Criterium

Road Race

As the events of App State’s race in Wilkesboro faded into the stream of history, the weather looked ideal for the upcoming Duke Road Race. When Saturday arrived, there was no such reprieve from the harsh weather. This, however, was no large obstacle for the NC State Cyclists.

A precedential group of Six Men’s C riders set out into the rain for the first wave of the road race. Unfortunately, in cycling, bigger does not necessarily mean better. Four of the six of them brought in rear of the race, including Patrick Crean, Jonathan Burchette, Stephon Beaufort, and Adam Stewart who was unfortunately separated from the group by a crash. The difficulty did not stop Marty Dufficy and Nik Smith, who both squeezed into the top 10. The only force keeping them from the win was a ‘naval blockade’.

Mary once again represented the entirety of women’s cycling at NCSU with a 5th place finish in Women’s C.

The rain stopped just in time for the second wave of riders. The duo of Dylan Lawson and Richard O’Briant raced hard, but fate was not in Richard’s favor. For DL, a pack finish was in the cards after a hard race.

Matt Bruner, a man now feared after the App State came to familiar turf with Michael Raynor in the Mens A. After several hours of chasing VT riders, Matt won the bunch sprint, earning a 3rd place finish. Mike opted to take the last lap off after spending a considerable amount of time on the front.


Boreas, Greek god of the wind changed moved to Durham, North Carolina just in time for the Ninth Street. The ‘dream team’ of six C riders came together one more time to show the ACCC what they could do. However, the wind, pace, and race officials had other ideas. All but Nik Smith were cut from the race. Nik brought in the remainder of the field to end in 13th.

Michael Rosenberg took a generous warm-up ride from Raleigh to prepare for the B race with Dylan and Richard. The race was hard, and some strong men made it a race for fourth. Michael, beginning hot, came out in 23rd, Richard following suit to get marked 17th.

Mary Conrad rode steady to earn a 7th place finish.

From the sidewalk, the Men’s A race was quite exciting. Attacks were sent out in quick succession. Eventually, a breakaway formed with two key men: Stephen Vogel and Matthew Bruner. Any educated spectator know that from the moment they broke away, the field would be racing for third. The two riders put in work, and Matt came in second against the fresh-legged Vogel. Meanwhile, Michael Raynor was riding one of his stronger races of season. He came in with a solid 15th place.

- Stephon Beaufort

UNCW Watha RR and UNC Crit

UNCW Road Race

The morning was gloomy as we set out for Watha, NC for UNCW’s home road race. Fortunately, UNCW is located in…you guessed it…Wilmington, so we expected some warmer weather to greet us in the flatlands. Alas, it was somewhere around 40 degree when we got there, and only promised to jump about 10 degrees in the afternoon.

Off first was the Men’s C field, followed shortly by the Men’s D/Women’s C group. The Men’s C’s finished with Marty in a solid 3rd place, followed by Nik in 17th, and Patrick in 23rd. Stephon was feeling sick, and rolled in comfortably in 35th. El presidente Adam Stewart was pulled from the race for not having proper numbers on his jersey. Such is the life of politics. In the Women’s C race, Mary finished in a strong 6th place. While this group got to enjoy warm clothes and food, the Men’s A and B fields were preparing to roll out.

Since the temperature was warming up the A and B riders expected some reprieve from the cold once they got moving. Surprise, surprise though, the pancake-with-syrup-flat course offered just the opposite. While the first few laps saw some attacking, nothing stuck, and the pace on the last lap slowed enough in both fields that the Michaels started to get cold again. A last lap crash in the Men’s B field took down Richard. Dylan, looking for Richard’s help in the sprint, still finished 7th, and Michael R., happy to have successfully ridden the dirt around the crash finished in 22nd. Even the Men’s A race couldn’t get a good break, and Matt finished strong in 4th place in a bunch sprint. Michael R. was plagued with late race cramps, so he decided not to make Matt look bad by winning.

UNC Crit

The next morning we left for the UNC Crit at the Friday Center. The course was a fast, flowing semi-parking-lot loop. The weather had shifted to a balmy 60-somthing degrees, and everyone was happy.

The Men’s C field set out first, seeing Nik and Adam taking 12th and 13th. Stephon, still not feeling great rolled in with Patrick in 36th and 39th. Women’s B/Cs were up next, and split up shortly after the gun. Amid the confusion of running two fields simultaneously, Mary stayed consistent, taking 6th.

Men’s B’s was exciting from the gun. On the first lap, Richard, unable to clip in got stuck behind the bang and rather graceful dismount that accompanied a VT rider’s tubular blowing. All parties involved were duly impressed. The incident caused a split that allowed about 10 riders to break clear, leaving Michael R. and Dylan in the chase group. After 30 minutes of semi-chasing, the chase was lapped and confusion began. In the end, Dylan snagged 10th, and Michael R. finished in 15th. Richard, plagued by a weekend of something-like-crashes beyond his control rolled in calmly in 26th.

The Men’s A field set a blistering pace with a VCU rider going clear early, and later being joined by a few others. Matt made it into the break that stuck, and they eventually lapped the field. Matt finished in 6th, while Michael R. came in with the group in 23rd. Max, unable to train due to health issues rode strong and finished 40th. Not bad if you haven’t touched a bike in weeks.

More Race Weekend Photos

Next Race Weekend

The next set of races will be March 22nd and 23rd up in Wilkes County for ASU’s road race, TTTTT, and crit. As is the case with ASU races, the selections will be natural, the dogs will be loose, and WVU will probably play every version of Country Roads imaginable.

- Michael Rosenberg

The 2014 Wolfpack Classic is Cancelled

Saturday RR and Sunday Criterium are CANCELLED

Due to sfaety concerns resulting from the this week's snowfall, the Wolfpack Classic Road Race (Saturday) and Criterium (Sunday) have been cancelled for 2014. Thank you to everyone who registered and volunteered, and we hope to see you next year!

The 2014 Wolfpack Classic presented by Giordana

Preregistration is open at Pre-Reg Races are Cancelled

Saturday's Road Race Course:
An 11.5 mile loop that runs along scenic Jordan Lake. The course is on new roads and is mostly flat with a few small inclines. The lake typically creates strong winds that lend that help and hurt as you navigate the loop.

Map My Ride Link

Sunday's Criterium Course:

The Orange County Speedway Criterium is a 3/8 mile loop. It’s a race track. Turn left four times.

Cyclocross National Championships Recap

Cyclocross Nationals this year was held in the great cycling mecca of Boulder, Colorado. Besides including bike lanes everywhere, Boulder is famous for its cycling friendly community. Take the following for example:

I, NC State’s sole competitor, but not by far the only competitor-in-spirit, arrived on Wednesday night. Adam Steward and David Smith were the best teammates ever and drove the 1700+ miles all the way with my bike. They met me at the airport for a wonderful evening stroll over to Mr. John Nardini, the great mathematician ever, who gave us a wonderful bed to sleep in for that first night.

We spent the next few days enjoying our excellent custom breakfasts at the Hotel’s Cafe, short expeditions to the course to try out varying conditions (snow, ice, mud, bumps, off-cambers, and much much more), local beverage company tours, and even trips to walmart, where you can buy the following.

Then comes race day. No preparation could have been more perfect, between the perfectly waxed bikes (Thanks WD-40), Phillip Baxter's pit bike ready with David for the quick transfer, custom chef Stephen dinner via John’s kitchen, Adam’s beautiful photography (see below), or the 50 mph head wind into the finishing stretch, the dry and hard packed course meant for a perfect race prep.

The race was off to fast start! A imperfect clip meant I was left side 6th wheel after only a few seconds. Passive road tactics proved effective as I took the left side tucked in from the wind to pull my way around the group into 3rd wheel. This was the perfect spot into the uphill. I followed the likes of Kerry Werner and Brandon Feehery into the climb. Riders were pushing and fighting on the uneven ground to take a better spot and I found myself 4th place into the tight corners at the top. Screaming through the downhills, I managed to hold on to 5th place into the stairs, which were my biggest weakness. Fighting for position, I spent the rest of the race taking my chances and pushing myself to the very limit. I lost a handful of spots to some faster and more altitude trained riders, but I finished strong at 17th.

It was one of my best races I had during my collegiate career. I was really happy being able to turn out this great position after four and half years of undergraduate collegiate cycling. Everything went right during my race and I could only blame my own fitness, which was higher than it had ever been.

Having just graduated, I am now able to offer my experience as the NC State Cycling Club Coach. I am very excited to take on this position and hopefully I can provide great services to the club.

-Stephen Smith

Meet our New Coach!

Stephen Smith

After graduating last December in with Mechnical and Ecelctrical and Computer Engineering degrees, Stephen has become the new coach for the NCSU Cycling Club. He raced through his undergraduate career and attended mutliple road and cyclocross national championships. This January he finished 17th at CX nationals in Boulder, CO. Stephen will use his racing experience to help riders of all levels develop individually and as a team. Frankly, we couldn't live without him, and we will all be sad when he decides to take the grad school plunge.

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Cyclocross Season Recap

It was a long and grueling season brought by cold, sand, mud, and treacherous amounts of running. We started our season off in Virginia, with races hosted by UVA and VCU. These were events that had been proven on the calendar previously and would surely be a test for those early season legs. UVA’s race was at the Miller School of Albermarle just west of Charlottesville. This is a hilly course where many must fight technical down-hills, and steep lactic-acid building up-hills. Bryan Lewis from UVA took the win on a mountain bike after a strong season, including a top 15 at Mountain Bike nationals in Banner Elk two weeks prior. Our own Stephen Smith, and Steven Boehm took 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Men’s A to finish out the podium. Our club president, Adam Stewart also managed a podium in Men’s B’s.

Into Richmond, we fought slightly chillier races as the season saw some true November weather. The course played around a stadium, bringing obstacles of all kinds for riders to tackle. There were difficult run-ups (or hills with hoppable boards at the bottom, depending on your perspective), stairsets, pavement, deep gravel, twists, turns, and banked grass corners. Racing with the Men’s P12, Stephen Smith took an early lead in the Men’s A race, commanding a good start in the larger group. With two laps to go, only Eric Fisher from W&M was anywhere close to Smith. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, Smith managed to roll a clincher and needed to replace his wheel at the pit. This equipment error brought Eric into the lead and made it difficult for Smith to fight his way back. The team finished out well though, with 2nd and 3rd on the podium again that weekend with Smith and Boehm respectively.

NC State brought a great group up to VT for the next weekend, which would prove to be a great adventure in its own. Saturday’s race was in the dark, with plummeting temperatures and brisk winds to wrestle the cold out of any warm-bodied individual. The B race proved to be a formidable one. Our own Adam Steurer, David Smith, Adam Stewart, and Dylan Lawson would be racing to give the rest of the ACC a run for their money. The race was fierce with many new heads to fight for position. Lawson took 3rd, Steurer took 6th, and the rest of the B squad rounded out the top 10. Smith was our only A rider this weekend, and had a good hole-shot into the tricky off-camber corners. Coming into the most dangerous off-camber corner on the course, Smith failed to recognize the dew that had begun to moisten the grass on the course. Overcooking the corner, he slid out and flatted his tire. He was quick to get to the pit and managed to fight back through the group for a top 5 finish overall.

The next day brought sunshine, as well as a proven VA CX course to tackle. Some new riders were showing their faces for the first time this season as well. The B race was once again a crazy indeterminable spectacle for the racing fans. Adam Steurer, being the cheeky bugger he is, missed his start, but managed to roll through the line with only about a minute gap. The course was fast and favored those riders with immense amounts of fitness. Steurer had just come off a strong mountain bike season and was able to pass every rider that wanted to get in his way. Coming down to the last lap, Steurer fought of App State for a win in the Men’s B. It was an impressive result to say the least. The rest of the team had a lot of fun on the steep stair-stepped hill. In the Men’s A race, Smith managed to take an early lead and then follow Stephen Vogel from Wake to fight for 1st place. Eventually, the built up road fitness proved too much for Smith as Vogel began to create a gap. With 2nd place pretty evenly hammered out, the wind blew some down tape into Smith’s cassette. This proved not so good for his bike and he had to switch wheels in order to get any traction between the cassette and the chain. In the end Smith, worked his way back to a 3rd place finish.

The following weekend brought races home to NC State, and were hosted in conjunction with the NCCX series down in Southern Pines. It is an epic course filled with sand, sand, and nothing but more sand. Loose sand, wet sand, thick sand, sand run-ups, sand down-hills. You name, it, the course had it. Day one brought some exciting competition to the race. The national champion himself, Kerry Werner, was present on the start line amongst many top pro riders in the nation. With a long pavement start, it meant the first lap was going to be quite difficult. Smith managed to get into an early lead group, but quickly fell back with many other collegiate riders. The national champion had already set his mark. Tactics began to play a role as Smith fought to stay with a group of two pro riders and Miles Hubbard from App State. Miles was playing strong mind games and was unwilling to work with the pros to pick up the pace. Smith decided that he wanted nothing of this and put a couple of attacks in on the long downhill sections of the course. This proved effective as a small gap finally opened between the group and Hubbard. Knowing that the uphill was his weakness, Smith kept it steady and held the gap to the long straight sections of the course. The pros were playing games with each other and Smith just needed to hold the gap on Hubbard, so he put in a strong set of pulls through the flat sections of the course. With one to go, the pros attacked each other and dropped Smith, but it did not matter as he had already put in a long enough gap to hold Hubbard off for 2nd place. The B race was exciting, since our own Richard O’Briant (on a mountain bike) took a hole-shot on a road section. Adam Steurer and Dylan Lawson took 1st and 2nd respectively for a very clean NC State home race.

Day 2 had more sand, in case you were wondering, and proved eventful for many riders. The national champ had left for the day, but Philip Short, of Greensboro felt the desire to compete at the collegiate level. Smith took a tumble in warm-up and had a bad race. Steven Boehm took a brilliant 6th place and Lawson also had a brilliant performance, winning the Men’s B race. NC State, overall had a great race.

Wake was uphill. No one had fun. David has great board games though!

The final races of the year were an epic double header in Salisbury on a brilliantly laid out NCCX course. The first race brought steep competition with Short and Vogel to compete in the Men’s A. Stewart’s parents graciously offered to let the team stay in Lexington and offered only the best opportunities for victory. In the A race, Smith again took an early lead, that was quickly lost to Vogel with a small spill in a shark corner. Working his way back up to 1st, Smith was suddenly passed by Short, who had proven himself as a pro CX racer this season in the NCCX series. It was disheartening to say the least. Vogel was found later in the woods with a flat, and the race was on between Smith and Hubbard for 2nd place. It was a tricky course with hard uphill sections into the wind and twisty technical sections. Hubbard put a good attack in on the last lap and beat out Smith by a short gap. The B race looked like tons of fun with Dylan Lawson fighting for conference points and the rest of the NC State team fighting hard. O’Briant on his mountain bike was slaying the barriers like a champ. NC State chose to skip the team relay in order to get Subway. It was a good decision. The last race brought a few less patrons and possibly the chance for Smith’s first win of the season. With only Fisher and Hubbard to battle, Smith put up an early lead that was quickly brought back by Fisher in the road section. With Hubbard closing in, Smith put some pressure on Fisher in the technical sections and let up in the road sections in order to save energy for a planned attack. When Hubbard caught the group, it was go-time and Smith put in a huge gap on the road and into the twisty downhill. This proved a perfect move as Smith finished with the win and an overall Conference Victory.

Next up, nationals in Boulder, CO where Stephen Smith will be competing with help from teammates David Smith and Adam Stewart. The race will be on Sunday, January 12th. Stay tuned.

-Stephen Smith

Home Mountain Bike Race

Our Home Mountain Bike Race is Coming Up!

Our home mountain bike race, the Tobacco Road Classic, is coming up on September 7th and 8th! This year's race is co-organized between NCSU and Wake Forest, and will be held at San-Lee Park and the Moore's Spring Trails.

Curious? Interested? Excited? Then come to the home race interest meeting September 3rd at Carmichael Gym! Time and room will be posted soon.

Meeting Details!!!

Tuesday, September 3rd
Time: 8 pm
Location: Carmichael Gym Room 2036


Come out to our first club meeting: Monday August 26th at 8:00pm in 2036 Charmichael Gym
Learn how amazing we are and what the NC State Cycling Team is all about.
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Team Pictures

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