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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the club do?
The NCSU Hunt Seat Equestrian Club is an organization that provides equestrian enthusiasts that are full time students an opportunity to meet others with similar interests at North Carolina State University, while improving their skills as a rider. We practice once a week, have socials, community service events, fundraising events, and show on the IHSA circuit.

Do I have to be an expert rider?
No. The Hunt Seat Equestrian club accepts riders from all skill ranges and backgrounds. Our coaches are ready to help you further your riding no matter where you currently stand.

Do I have to own a horse?
No. In order to gain experience riding different horses, we ride the lesson horses at Buckhorn Farm, and all of the horse shows will use the host schools' horses.

How much does it cost?
Club dues are $50 per year, and IHSA dues are $45 per year. Lessons are $50. Lessons and show fees are paid in full before riding. Because we are a club sport, we do not receive as much funding as varsity sports, so we rely heavily on donations and sponsors to help offset the individual costs of riding on the team.

How often do you meet?
The club typically meets a couple times a month - the dates of meeting vary. Members should check their emails frequently for information about upcoming meetings and events.

Are meetings mandatory?
We recommend that you attend all meetings, because important information will be given involving both the team and club. Meeting attendance will be a factor in determining which members have “active” status.

How will I be placed at tryouts?
Your skill level and experience with showing will be taken into account when placed in a division. Tryouts for Fall 2014 will be held at Buckhorn Farm in Apex on a date to be determined, but after classes begin in August. The division that you will be trying out for is determined during the mandatory informational meeting that is held during the week prior to tryouts.

Will I get to attend every show?
The club coaches make all decisions regarding show rosters. The show roster will most likely vary at each show. The number of people in your division, and the number of people the show allows us to take will determine who gets a spot.

Where do you take lessons?
The team takes lessons at Buckhorn Farm in Apex with Sara Conversano.

What should I wear?
Riders should wear proper huntseat equitation attire.
    Helmet: Black ASTM/SEI approved show helmet with harness. Your helmet should fit properly with all of your hair tucked up in it (no show bows!).
    Shirt: White, or light color long sleeved riding shirt with choker (no stock pins). Brighter colored shirts are in style for hunter/jumper divisions, but more conservative attire is preferred for Equitation.
    Jacket: dark blue, navy, charcoal, or hunter green are preferred equitation colors. Jacket should fit properly. As with the shirts, lighter colors, and browns have also come into style for the hunters/jumpers, but conservative colors are preferred.
    Pants: Beige or tan (side zip preferable), please no rust, grey or white. You should also wear a belt.
    Gloves: Black leather
    Boots: Tall, black leather, field boots (the kind with laces). Make sure they are not too short, or too wide at the calf.

*All clothing should fit properly, if you have questions about the attire you have, or should purchase please ask an employee at your tack shop, they will be glad to help you find the correct fit, or advise you on how your clothing should fit.

How do I join?
We rely on the participation of every rider to ensure a successful future for our team. The easiest way to join is to attend the first meeting of the semester; however, we encourage new memberships at any time of the year. Please feel free to contact any of our officers for more information.