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ACLU is Back!
By Yasmin Farahi
Date Retired: Sept 18, 2005

We're looking forward to a productive year, and this summer we've been working toward that goal, preparing ourselves to get active!

Our first meeting of the year will be held on Wednesday, August 24 at 6:30 in the SORC office (first floor Talley). At this meeting, we'll look at our schedules and try to figure out if there is a better time to meet.

The organization fair on the brickyard is on Wednesday, August 31 from 11 to 2. anyone who is willing to table for our group and tell new students (and anyone else) about our organization, please email me to give me an idea of how long you could be there. If you find that you have some unexpected time to help out, we'd be happy to see any of your lovely faces on the day of as well.
We'll most likely be tabling in the brickyard during the first full week of classes as well, so look for us in the brickyard or come out and work the table. We'll send out more details as we become more organized.

We're working on getting our t-shirts ready for our days tabling onthe brickyard. we haven't decided on a price yet (becuase we're still in the process of finding out the costs), but be looking forward to it and saving some dollars to sport some ACLU gear this year. you'll be the coolest kids on campus -- by far.

We'll be getting going on a domestic partner benefits campaign, continuing our work on the NPO, and starting up any new projects that come our way. if you have any ideas about the organization or any concerns that need to be addressed, please let us know.

Many thanks to Phillip, Kyle, and Gene who were dedicated members throughout the summer, and congrats to Candice on the new arrival! I look forward to seeing you all soon.

NC-ACLU Files FOIA Request With FBI's JTTF For NCSU Students

Date Retired: Sept 1, 2005

NC-ACLU filled Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with the FBI's Joint Terrorist Task Force (JTTF) to find out if and why the FBI is spying on NCSU student activists who participate in legal activist organizations. This occurred as 15 other states filed similar FOIA requests and lawsuits against FBI.

NCSU students who participate in Food Not Bombs, Student Peace Action Network and Campus Greens say that the FBI began harassing and monitoring them shortly after the NC Republican State Headquarters was vandalized. ACLU says this type of harassment of organizations that had nothing to do with the vandalism is unconstitutional and a waste of taxpayers' money.

NC-ACLU Press Release>>>
National ACLU Joins States In Lawsuit>>>
Indymedia Story>>>
Read the NC FOIA>>>

Daniel Underwood Libels ACLU
Date Retired: Aug 17th, 2005

Daniel Underwood's op-ed peace in Techninian's last summer publication implied that the ACLU supported Saddam Hussein and was sad to see him go. We wrote back to the Technician and Daniel Underwood (Vice Chairman of NCSU's College Republicans) clarifying the fact that the ACLU has never endorsed Saddam Hussein.

Daniel's Article>>>
Our Response>>>
Rumsfeld Meets Saddam>>>

Students Attend Vigil; Powel Executed

Date Retired: Aug 17th, 2005

Six NCSU students attended a vigil held for William Powell at the Central Raleigh Prison. The vigil was organized by the People of Faith Against the Death Penalty despite Powell's requests not to do so. WRAL reported that Powell was executed at 2:09am on Friday March 11 th after all legal appeals were exhausted.

NPO Still a Problem for Students

Date Retired: Aug 17th, 2005

The ACLU chapter at NCSU has learned that the Nuisance Party Ordinance is still a problem for some NCSU students, despite wide spread consensus on campus that the NPO is no longer being enforced. Recent complaints from students are being investigated by our chapter to determine the nature of the citations and their chances of being ruled unconstitutional. ACLU still holds the opinion that the NPO is unconstitutional because it criminalizes the right to assemble. Previous NPO citations whose constitutionality has been challenged have been dismissed, but have not been ruled unconstitutional.

Chapter Member Recalls ACLU Membership Conference
From the NC-ACLU Liberty Newsletter

Date Retired: Aug 17th, 2005

During the long plane ride over to San Francisco for the conference this summer, I tried to imagine what experiences I'd be embarking upon throughout the next several days. I was excited about watching a special screening of Fahrenheit 9/11, attending the Howard Dean debate, and hearing Richard Clarke's ...

Statement from the President

From the NC-ACLU Liberty Newsletter

Date Retired: Aug 17th, 2005

Our chapter almost died a year and a half ago, but a committed group of activists got together and brought it back to life. Everyone that started coming to the meetings knew they wanted to protect civil liberties but nobody knew quite how to do it or what to do....

NCSU Chapter to Host Conference

Date Retired: Aug 17th, 2005

Members from all ACLU college chapters across the state will gather on January 29th for the 2nd Annual College ACLU Chapters Conference in Raleigh. Discussion will focus on Civil Liberty issues facing the students throughout the state. During the conference, chapters will share ideas and experiences, discuss cooperation among college chapters on various campaigns, and discuss current issues and ways to promote ACLU throughout the North Carolina universities. Amiel Rossabi from NC-ACLU and Alan Gell along with a representative from NC Coalition for a Moratorium will speak at the later part of the conference.

The conference was set up by several ACLU college chapter Presidents in light of growing ACLU membership and government's continued curtailment of civil liberties throughout the nation. Each year the conference is put on by a different university from NC.
Conference Page>>>

Date Retired: Apr11th, 2005
ACLU Hosts 1st Annual Speech-A-Thon


ACLU at NCSU is hosting a Speech-A-Thon on Monday, April 11th between 11am and 3pm on the brickyard at NC State University. The goal of this event is to promote free speech on campus, as well as to show appreciation for this right given to us by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. 

Unfortunately, many people around the world are unable to express themselves freely in the same way that we are able to in the United States and this freedom should not be taken for granted. We want to celebrate our rights! 

Students, teachers and staff members are encouraged to attend on their own or as a representative of a student or non-student organization to both speak and listen to others participating. Many prominent community members have been invited and will be speaking as well. Come out to the brickyard on Monday to show your support for free speech. Rant about whatever you want, express your thoughts, and listen to others do the same! 

The entire event will be recorded and later promulgated throughout NCSU. Please attend. You don't have to make an appointment, just show up and get in front of the podium. Hope to see you all there.

Date Retired: Jan27th, 2005
FBI Harassment Of NCSU Student Activists Should Stop

Currently, the FBI is conducting an investigation into the November 5th GOP vandalism on Hillsborough Street. Soon after the vandalism occurred, the N&O published an article stating that there might be a connection between the vandals and a weekly event that takes place at the Bell tower called 'Honk for Peace'. Students that are involved with Honk for Peace are vehemently denying this accusation. One student, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the FBI has questioned him and informed him that he is being investigated because his name appears on one of the permits that the SOURCE office approves for events like 'Honk for Peace'. The FBI has also tried to contact several other NCSU student activists to question them about the GOP vandalism. Furthermore it has been reported that there has been a significant increase in police presence around residential areas of key student activist leaders.

Since there is no proven link between Honk for Peace and the violent events that occurred at the GOP headquarters, the FBI's attempt to use the investigation of GOP vandalism as a tool to harass and intimidate the NCSU activist community can only be viewed as an endeavor to silence NCSU students who do not agree with political views espoused by the current administration. The ACLU Chapter at NCSU strongly condemns these tactics and requests that federal authorities respect students' right to free speech and urges the FBI not to resort to tactics used during the 60's and the 70's to silence the Civil Rights and Anti-Vietnam movements. Harassment of NCSU students based on their political views is not in accordance with basic American constitutional principals and therefore should not occur.

We also urge NCSU's top administration officials to condemn the FBI's tactics and publicly state their continuing commitment to freedom of speech on campus.

Date Retired: Jan27th, 2005
"Unconstitutional" And Juan Reyes-Alonso

Hear Chatham resident Juan Manuel Reyes-Alonso, just released from a federal detention center in Louisiana on $50,000 bail, tell of his plight and see award-winning documentary, 7 PM, December 16, Chapel Hill Public Library, 100 Library Drive. This event is sponsored by the Orange County Bill of Rights Defense Committee. Donations will be accepted for the "Free Juan Fund". For more information please call 968-1888 or 942-2535.

Date Retired: Jan27th, 2005
Judge Stays N.C. Execution Set For Friday

Associated Press

GREENSBORO, N.C. - A Guilford County judge on Monday stayed the execution of Charles Walker, saying he wants to hear more arguments on defense lawyers' claims that Walker was convicted because of the unreliable testimony of his co-defendants.

Date Retired: Jan27th, 2005

NCSU-ACLU President appeared on WKNC’s new talk-radio show, “What’s Left?” The topics covered included, Homeland Security Department’s Contracts at NCSU, marriage equality, John Ashcroft’s soon to be replacement – Alberto R. Gonzales, NCSU’s local chapter, and more.
Listen To The Show>>> (large MP3 file, be patient)

Date Retired: Jan11th, 2005
Man Executed At Raleigh Central Prison

On October 8th 2004, Sammy Perkins was executed for the death of Jo-Jo Moore. The execution occurred at 2 am near NC State University at Raleigh Central Prison. Proponents for the NC moratorium on the death penalty say the jury was never presented with crucial evidence that could have spared Perkins from the death penalty. Perkins comes from a family with a history of “extreme psychiatric problems”. Evidence of his break with reality, bi-polar disorder, Myasthenia Gravis and consumption of improper medication was not presented to the jury. There were also allegations that one juror already made up her mind about the verdict of the trial before it even started. This robbed Perkins of his Sixth Amendment right to an "impartial jury." Vigils for the execution took place in Raleigh, Durham, Gastonia, Murphy and Charlotte. ACLU chapter at NCSU tabled in the Brickyard for two days prior to the execution encouraging students to call the Governor to grant clemency or stay of execution.

Date Retired: Nov 22nd, 2004
NCSU Chapter Has New Constitution, New Executive Council

The NCSU-ACLU chapter has adopted the proposed constitution. The constitution was rewritten by Gene Feldman, Yasmin Farahi and Candic Eldrich. It now has to be submitted to NC-ACLU and to the SCOURC office for approval. The last meeting also produced a news set of leaders. Gene Feldman was approved as the President. Yasmin Farahi as the Vice-President, Phillip Stafford as the Treasurer and Candice Aldrich as the Secretary.

Date Retired: Nov 22nd, 2004
ACLU President Nadine Strossen in conversation with Duke Law Professor Erwin Chemerinsky

President of the American Civil Liberties Union Nadine Strossen will visit Duke Law School on Thursday, Sept. 30 to engage in a public conversation with Erwin Chemerinsky, the Alston & Bird Professor of Law at Duke and a prominent constitutional law scholar. The conversation, which is co-sponsored by the Duke Law School student chapter of the American Constitution Society and the Program in Public Law, will take place in Room 3041 at 1:30 p.m.

Date Retired: Nov 22nd, 2004
Alan Gell Speeks At NCSU


Alan Gell and his attorney, Mary Pollard, spoke to students Tuesday night in the Witherspoon Cinema in an event sponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union chapter at N.C. State and the Union Activities Board. Gell was tried and convicted for murdering Allen Ray Jenkins in 1995, on the word of two girls -- Gell's former girlfriend and her best friend. The prosecution had no physical evidence linking Gell to the crime, only the word of the two girls who testified as part of a plea bargain. Gell was granted a retrial and found not guilty last Feb. 18.
Other Links Of Interest
NC Moratorium Now
People Of Faith Against Death Penalty

Date Retired:
Oct 10th, 2004

NCSU's Official Newspaper Publishes Hate Speech

Technician has published a contentious article in the Viewpoint section of the newspaper claiming that homosexuality is unnatural and that marriage is not for gays. Less then 24 hours after its publication, people’s feeling towards this article have begun to simmer and most are planning send letters of protest to the editor. Some have said that this type of article should not have been published because school money was allotted to the author of the article and because now Technician is an accomplice to hate-speech. Although ACLU totally disagrees with what this article is espousing, ACLU has historically agreed with people’s right to freedom of speech regardless of how offensive it is. It is our opinion that the best way to avoid such articles and hate-speech on campuses is not through censorship but through more dialog and more articles that argue for and against each other. Hopefully, this will serve as a warning sign that this issue need more attention then ever before at NCSU.
Read The Article>>>
ACLU Response>>>
ACLU's Thoughts On Hate Speech At Schools>>>

Date Retired: Sept 30th, 2004
NC-ACLU Is Looking for Volunteers

Peace Booth - An email from Bill Towe of NC peace Action asking for volunteers to help staff the Peace Booth at the State Fair. Even though Wake won't be sharing their booth this year, some of you may be interested in participating in the booth individually. Also, if Wake ACLU later gets a booth, it might be a good chance to get familiar with the Fair scene. Contact Bill directly.
   ACLU-NC Case Mail - Seth Jaffe, the Managing Attorney at the state office, let me know Monday that they need a volunteer to help with Case Mail intake, and asked if any of our Bd. members or aquaintances might be interested in being involved. Call Jennifer Coleman at 834-3466 to learn what's involved.
   Other ACLU-NC opportunities - ACLU-NC has an on-going need for Interns and volunteer assistance. These positions can be particularly good for young people interested in gaining some experience in nonprofit legal/legislative work, media, public education, and event planning. If you know someone who may be interested, the details are available on here.

Date Retired: Sept 8th, 2004
Alan Gell to Speak at NCSU

After spending almost five years on death row in North Carolina, Mr. Gell was released in February after a judge allowed the defense lawyer to present new evidence that was barred from the previous trial. Ever since his release Alan has been touring North Carolina and speaking about his experiences on death row thus contributing to the ever growing Moratorium movement in North Carolina. The movement began quite a long time ago but has never been as strong as it is today. In a historic victory Alan Gell and Darryl Hunt were both acquitted within two weeks of each other. On the same day as Mr. Hunts acquittal NC Supreme Court overturned two death sentences and ordered new trials. The Alan Gell event will occur on September 7th, 2004 at 8:00pm in the Witherspoon Center.
Witherspoon Center >>(Choose Central Campus and Building 81)

Date Retired: Sept 1st, 2004
NC-ACLU Awards Three Scholarships For The San Francisco Conference

The North Carolina ACLU chapter awarded three $400 scholarships to two Appalachian University students, Paul Funderberk, Ian Mance and to one NCSU student, Yazmin Farahi, to attend the San Francisco ACLU conference. In return for the scholarship, the students must volunteer 20 hours at the ACLU state office and write an article about their conference experience for the monthly NC-ACLU newsletter. The application for the scholarship included an essay explaining, “why the ACLU of NC should give [the applicant] a student scholarship?” and a resume detailing the student’s previous work with the ACLU.  NC-ACLU says the scholarship will be given every year and that the money will come from interest accumulated from an $80,000 endowment.

Date Retired:
Aug 25th, 2004

Raleigh City Council Passes "Raleigh PATRIOT Act" Resolution


The Raleigh City Council passed a resolution, 5-3, encouraging Congress to uphold the Constitution where it conflicts with the USA Patriot Act and to revise portions of the Act that may conflict with the Constitution after a public hearing Tuesday. The resolution was originally introduced by a Wake County branch of the American Civil Liberties Union and involved several campus groups. The City Council sent the resolution to the Human Relations Committee for revisions. The final version of the resolution stats that “Whereas the provisions of the Constitution apply in wartime as in peace; and to violate or depart from them under the plea of necessity or any other plea is subversive of good government.

Councilman Hunt's Opinion >>>

Date Retired:
Aug 25th, 2004

First NCSU-ACLU Chapter Meeting To Take Place On Monday

The NC State Chapter will hold its first official meeting on Monday August 23rd in the SOURC office, located in the Talley Center. The agenda will include Allen Gell’s event, the new constitution, tabling, Progressive Coalition and other topics. All NC State student, faculty and staff are welcomed.

Date Retired:
June17th, 2004

NCSU's ACLU To Change Leadership

During the last NCSU - ACLU chapter meeting of the year it was decided that there will be an election to choose an Interim (summer) President as soon as possible. A “referendum” on Gene Feldman’s candidacy was conducted instead, due to an absence of opposition, through the chapter’s Yahoo discussion group. With 7 “yes” votes, 0 “no” votes and 5 abstentions, Gene Feldman will take power on May 12th. There will be no fancy ceremonies. Sorry. The elections for the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary will be held around the third week of 2004 fall semester.

Date Retired: June17th, 2004
ACLU Members From All Across NC Join March For Women's Lives

Five NCSU-ACLU members, several representatives from NC-ACLU chapters and countless other North Carolinians joined the March For Women’s Lives on April 25, 2004. The March was organized by the ACLU, Black Women’s Health Imperative, Feminist Majority, NARAL Pro-Choice America and many other organizations. Speakers included Senator Hillary Clinton, Anthony Romero of National ACLU, Janeane Garofalo, Ani DiFranco and many other prominent and nationally recognized advocates of women’s rights. Counters postulate that of over 1.1 million people participated in this historic event. Organizers say that such a large attendance was expected in light of the present curtailing of abortion options and continuing attack on women’s rights.

ACLU Article About The March>>>
Technician Article About The March>>>

Date Retired:
April 27nd, 2004

G and NCSU’s ACLU Collecting NPO Stories

After the NCSU administration agreed to hear the students’ point of view on the NPO, the Student Government and NCSU’s ACLU chapter are combining their efforts to collect stories from students about their experience with the NPO and how it adversely affects them. A special website has been created where students can go and explain how and why they received an NPO citation. After Spring Break, NCSU’s ACLU may start tracking down individuals who have received an NPO citation and ask them to relay their personal experiences to NCSU’s ACLU and SG. Anyone who has received or has friends that received an NPO citation may visit ACLU’s NPO website to see how they can help.

Date Retired: April 27nd, 2004
NARAL Begins Registration For March For Women's Lives

Less then 40 days until the March for Women's Lives! Make sure you are
counted by registering for at www.prochoicenorthcarolina.org
Bus tickets are going fast, so if you want to take the bus, be sure
to call 829.9779 soon to put down your $20 deposit or visit the website to pay in full.

Date Retired:
April 27nd, 2004

Petition To Support Anti-Patriot Act Resolution Launched

Concerned citizens and various interest groups have launched an online petition to bolster the Anti-Patriot Act Resolution’s chances of success in the City Council. The resolution was introduced by the Wake County ACLU chapter in March and is now going through the committee process.
Read More >>>
Sign The Petition >>>

Date Retired:
April 27nd, 2004

ACLU President Urges Campus Community To Stand Up For Their Rights

N.C. State hosted prestige yet again as American Civil Liberties Union President Nadine Strossen addressed an audience concerning the USA Patriot Act and civil rights. During her third visit to NCSU, Strossen urged students to stand up and speak out against civil rights violations. The Patriot Act, which was passed 45 days after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, was enacted to counter terrorism...
Read More >>>
Nadine Strossen's Bio >>>

Date Retired:
April 2nd, 2004
Speech-A-Thone, April 7th and 8th

Around the 7th or 8th or April ACLU of NCSU will be hosting the Speech-A-Thone, an event that will last 24 hours non-stop. The fundamental basis of the event is to encourage free speech. There will be a podium set up and ANYONE can speak about ANYTHING. People will be allowed to reserve time slots during periods in high demand. Other times anyone can speak, but someone must be speaking at all times for 24 hours. There is a good possibility that senators, mayors and the Chancellor will come to speak. ANYONE is invited.

Date Retired: April 2nd, 2004
ACLU President Nadine Strossen To Speak To NCSU Students

Nadine Strossen, National President of the American Civil Liberties
Union, will be speaking on the NCSU campus on Thursday, April 1st at
7:00 p.m. at the Campus Cinema. Admission is free. The event is
sponsored by the Union Activities Board. The title of her talk is
THE PATRIOT ACT, YOUR RIGHTS (or the lack thereof).
UAB Website >>>
Nadine Strossen's Bio >>>

Date Retired: March 28th, 2004
Permanent Chapter Meeting Time Decided

By a vote of four to three, it was decided that the new and permanent NCSU’s ACLU Chapter meeting time will be on Thursdays at 8:00pm. The meetings will last about an hour and thirty minutes.

Date Retired: March 14th, 2004
ACLU Is Helping Publicize "March For Women's Lives"

An NCSU-ACLU member, Season, brought the March For Women's Lives to the attention of the club. Since, NCSU-ACLU has endorsed this march and will help out with publicity. If you are interested please contact us at dscombobul@yahoo.com There is a good possibility for a full scholarship. The trip would normally cost $65. The protest is in Washington D.C.
Date Retired:
March 14th, 2004

Date Retired: March 14th, 2004
NCSU's ACLU Agrees To Work With SG; University Says "We Are Willing To Listen"

SG and NCSU-ACLU have agreed to organize a massive drive to document Nuisance Party Ordinance citations given to NCSU students. After discovering that their goals in discrediting NPO’s effectiveness and fairness were alike, Student body President, Tony Caravano and Senator Gene Feldman, also Vice-President of NCSU-ACLU, have agreed to work together to persuade the NCSU administration to take a stance against NPO.

Date Retired: March 14th, 2004
George Page Execution Stayed, Not Appealed

The Court has stayed George Page’s execution saying lethal injection is considered cruel and unusual punishment. The Attorney General’s office could not be reached and it is not clear why they are not appealing the decision. Center for Death Penalty Litigation (CDPL) says the case will now be litigated.

Date Retired:
March 14th, 2004
Wake County ACLU To Introduce Resolution For Repeal Of Patriot Act March 2nd

The Wake County Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has
organized a coalition backing a resolution in the Raleigh City Council
calling for the repeal of the Patriot Act. The resolution will be presented to City Council on March 2. The meeting begins at 7PM and we are
on the agenda for 7:30PM. Please tell as many campus groups and
individuals as possible about this, encouraging them to show their
support by attending the meeting. The amount of people in support of this
resolution at the meeting WILL determine whether it gets passed. For
car pooling, meet at 123 Chamberlain Street at 6:45.
ACLU-NC and Patriot Act>>>
Student Government Resolution 99>>>

Date Retired: Feb 28, 2004

Weekly Meeting -This Thursday 8:00 pm In Talley Center

This week’s meeting will again be on Thursday. James will lead the meeting. Discussion will focus on Women’s March, Anti - Patriot Act Resolution Introduction in the City Council, Death Penalty, NPO, “Busted” video and other issues. Come to our meeting; bring your friend or their grievances.

Date Retired: Feb 25, 2004
NC To Execute A Handicapped Vietnam Vet; NCSU’s ACLU Wants 500 Students To Call Governor Mike Easley

The American Civil Liberties Union will be in the brickyard all week long, helping students make phone calls to the Governor of NC asking him to grant George Page clemency. Cell phones will be provided.
National ACLU's Opinion>>>
Letter to Governor Mike Easley>>>

Date Retired: Feb 23, 2004
Anti-Patriot Act On SG Floor

Student Government of NCSU will have the second reading of Resolution 99 at its next meeting. It “requests that the City of Raleigh join the growing list of over 200 local communities and governments nationwide that have passed resolutions protecting the civil liberties of their constituencies”.
ACLU-NC and Patriot Act>>>

Student Government Resolution 99>>>

Date Retired: Feb 20, 2004
NCSU-ACLU Members Attend Frank Porter Graham Awards Dinner; Meet Anthony Romaro

A delegation of NCSU-ACLU members attended the Frank Porter Graham Awards Dinner on Feb 7th , 2004. The dinner was dedicated to Gretchen Engel, who received the Paul Green Award for her incessant determination to save death row inmates from executions and Dr. Slater E. Newman*, who received the Frank Porter Graham Award for his tireless activism for civil and human rights.

Date Ritired: Feb 20, 2004
New Meeting Time Still Undecided; This Week's Meeting Moved To Thursday At 8pm

We are still in the process of choosing a new permanent meeting time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to interested students or members. Nonetheless, this week's meeting will be on Thursday in the Talley Center’s SOURCE office at 8:00pm. This is only a one time thing. New members are welcomed.
Posted Arriginally: Feb 17, 2004

Date Retired: Feb 12, 2004
Wake County ACLU Sponsoring Patriot Act Panel on Tuesday

This Tuesday 5:30-7:30 pm, the Wake County ACLU will sponsor a panel discussion on the Patriot Act. “Panelists will look at key issues and give substantial background while focusing on the questions the USA PATRIOT Act raises for librarians, bookstore owners, computer professionals, and the concerned populace about privacy laws and the right of individuals in the U.S. to read freely. They will also discuss strategies that libraries have implemented for coping with the terms of the act.

“The D. H. Hill Library is located on the NC State Brickyard, near the intersection of Hillsborough and Gardner streets, across from the Wachovia Bank building. It is wheelchair accessible. For additional information about the panel discussion, call (919) 513-2046 before 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.”

Future Events

Date Retired: April 5th, 2004
Nadine Strossen Comes to NCSU - April 1st, 2004

Nadine Strossen, a critically acclaimed law professor from NYU, one of the most influential women in America and President of American Civil Liberties Union will be visiting NCSU on April 1st. Anyone interested in issues such as privacy, the War on Terror, Guantanamo Bay and Presidential Powers, 9/11 and other topics should attend this highly anticipated event. Because the UAB is sponsoring this event there will be no entrance fee for students.

Date Retired: April 5th, 2004
March Against Madness Tour stop - March 30

NARAL Pro-Choice America's president, Kate Michelman, along with NARAL Pro-Choice NC, NOW, and Planned Parenthood will be visiting campus at the Free Expression Tunnel. Be sure to come out from 11 until 1 to hear a great speaker, buy bus tickets, t-shirts, and get free stuff like pizza, stickers, and March info!

Date Retired: March 1st, 2004
Call the Governor Drive. All week Feb 23 -27

Starting Monday the 23rd through Friday 27th NCSU’s ACLU will be out in the brickyard asking people to call Governor Mike Easley asking him to halt the execution of a mentally retarded man. George Page is a Vietnam veteran who killed a police officer during a manic flashback episode in which he believed he was under enemy fire.

Despite strong evidence of mental illness, the defense was not allowed to present testimony on Page’s post traumatic stress disorder and overall mental health. Had the jury heard this evidence, they might have spared his life and instead sentenced him to a life term without a chance of parole.

Date Retired: Feb 19th, 2004
Wednesday Feb 11th - Weekly ACLU meeting.

NCSU ACLU chapter will hold its regular weekly meeting. Discussion will focus on Nuisance Party Ordinance, Patriot Act and the Wake County, moving the meeting to a new time slot, free speech on campus, NCSU collaborations with the Homeland Security Department and other miscellaneous topics. PLEASE COME (to the SOURCE office at the Talley Center) AND BRING YOUR OWN ISSUES.

Date Retired: Feb 19th, 2004
Tuesday, Feb 10 2004 - Wake County Chapter of the ACLU will cosponsor a panel discussion on the USA Patriot at NCSU library

On Tuesday, February 10, in the D.H. Hill Library the Wake county ACLU chapter will host a panel discussion on the Patriot Act entitled “The Freedom to Read: Does the Patriot Act Compromise Your Rights?” The panel will be moderated by Clay Stalnaker, a Wake County ACLU board member and retired NC State faculty member.
Read the News Release>>>

Member News

Date Retired: Feb 13, 2004

This is a reminder for all those who have not yet sent James their
schedules. If you have not sent James your schedule by Sunday, then your availability will not be taken into account when we vote on the new meeting time. It is very important that everyone sends James their schedules.

The material located at this site is not endorsed, sponsored or provided by or on behalf of NCSU. All content of this website, unless otherwise noted or obviously similar to content on linked, related, or mentioned websites, is property of ACLU at NCSU. Some images may have been taken from affiliate websites and altered. ACLU at NCSU does not claim ownership rights over such material. This website is maintained and published by Gene Feldman. For questions or comments email acluatncsu@yahoo.com.