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(News & Observer)

I didn't see enough in The N & O about two recent decisions of the Raleigh City Council. The first had to do with our Human Relations Commission adding "sexual preference" [the council approved adding "sexual orientation" to the Human Relations Commission's mission statement] to the protected classes of people they could represent (along with race, national origin, sex, age, etc.). The City Council approved this on a 5-to-3 vote.
Under this resolution the Boy Scouts, for example, could be required to hire a male homosexual Boy Scout leader if he met all the other requirements for the job. No matter how politically correct you might be, that just flies in the face of common sense. An overflow audience in the council chamber vociferously agreed -- but to no avail.

And more recently we voted for a resolution to dilute the Patriot Act which the U.S. Senate passed 98 to 1. The Patriot Act was passed after 9/11 to help law enforcement fight the war on terror. Jim Candelmo of the U.S. Attorney's office and private attorney Gene Boyce both made brilliant and passionate defenses of the effectiveness of the act in combating terrorism and our need to continue these efforts for our own safety. Under a barrage of correspondence from the ACLU and their supporters, the council fell for this ACLU-driven effort. The council again voted 5 to 3 to support this resolution.

I don't believe that Raleigh is being well represented by these extreme positions taken by the City Council. Residents should express their disappointment to Mayor Charles Meeker and council members James West, Janet Cowell, Jessie Taliaferro and Thomas Crowder. Each of these five supported both of these resolutions.

Neal Hunt

City Council


(The writer holds an at-large seat on the council.)



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