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Constitution of the American Civil Liberties Union Chapter, a registered organization at North Carolina State University (ACLU-NCSU)


Article I: Name


The name of the group shall be the American Civil Liberties Union, North Carolina State University Chapter, henceforth to be called the Chapter in the Constitution and its Bylaws.  The acronym shall be ACLU-NCSU


Article II: Purpose


1.   To further the student body’s knowledge of the objectives of the American Civil Liberties Union and the American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina. 

3.   Without political partisanship, and in accordance with all applicable rules, regulations, and directives of the American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina, we do so intend to change policy though legislative means and various institutions including but not limited to NCSU Student Government, Staff Senate, other governing NC State bodies, Raleigh City Council and Wake County Government.

4.   To encourage and promote the values of American Civil Liberties Union among a younger generation   

Article III.  Membership


             1.  Membership is open to all members of the North Carolina State University Community, limited to faculty, students, and staff.  An individual may become an active member by attending three consecutive meetings and paying any applicable dues. 

             2.   All members that have attended three consecutive meetings are entitled to vote for officers of the chapter’s governing council and to vote on resolutions and activities. 

             4.   Any member may withdraw from the Chapter by informing the Secretary a through a written statement of resignation.  Upon resignation, the person can be removed from the list serve and his/her voting rights will be revoked. 



Article V:  Governing Council


1.   The Governing Council will consist of four duty performing officers and an unlimited number of Active Members.  The officers will include a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and Active Members.

A.  The President shall be considered a duty performing Member and be charged with the following powers 

i.          The power to call emergency meetings

ii.          The power to represent and speak on behalf of the NCSU Chapter at public, private, commercial, ceremonial and media related events

iii.         The power to study, revise, write and present to the chapter legislative or legal documents pertinent to Chapter’s interests

iv.         The power to veto a Governing Council vote that passed by less then two-thirds majority.

v.         The power to start impeachment proceedings against Governing Council members who repeatedly fail to perform their duties

vi.         The power to review and grant approval or disapproval of publications on behalf of the Chapter

vii.        The power to cede any of his own powers to the Vice-President.

viii.       The power to participate in all votes except impeachments unless the vote is a tie.

ix.       The power to adopt the duties of any officer absent or impeached and to delegate them to other active members.

x.        The power to call elections in the event of an impeachment.


B.   The Vice-President shall be charged with the following powers

         i.     The power to control the logistics of events or activities

          ii.    The power to edit, write and upkeep the website directly or indirectly

         iii. The power to control all list serves

         iv. The power to represent and speak on behalf of the Chapter

   v.    The power to take charge of all duties granted to the President if the President is absent, sick, resigns or is incapable of fulfilling his/her duties

        vi.   The power to moderate the Chapter meetings

vii.   The power to cede power or duties to Governing Council members

ix.   The power to suggest, find, recruit, recommend and endorse his/her own replacement

x.    The power to participate in all votes except impeachments against one self and the president.

xi. He or she may vote in the impeachment of the president in the event of a tie.


C.  The President and the Vice President

i.          Are obligated to recruit, educate, prepare and ensure the installation of the next administration

ii.          Are required to attend the NC Student ACLU Chapters Conference

iii.         Are obligated to find students who will take charge of the club if all current Governing Council members are to graduate at the end of the year or are not interested in leadership positions. 

iv.         Can cede or accept powers from each other but are required to explain such actions to the Governing Council when requested.

v.         Can be impeached by the Governing Council by a two-thirds vote. The approved  impeachment proposal must be sent to the Administrative Assistant of NC-ACLU in written or digital form for rejection or approval. 


D.  The Treasurer shall be charged with the following duties

i.          Organizing, implementing and executing all fundraising

ii.          Keeping track of finances, collection of due or contributions

iii.         Contacting required persons to acquire moneys

iv.         Handling receipts

v.         Writing checks

vi.         Providing a full account of the chapter’s finances at the last meeting of each semester to the governing council in paper format or whenever requested. 

vii.       filing bi-annual report mandated by the "ACLU-NC Chapter Policy Guide"


E.   The Secretary shall have the following duties and powers

i.          Take meeting minutes

ii.          Send all documents to the Vice-President or person in charge of the website no later then 48 hours of request

iii.         Transfer any document from paper to digital format at the request

iv.         Work in conjunction with the Treasurer to Print off, hand out and handle digital and paper literature, flyers, documents or material requested by any chapter member

v.         Direct or find any information at the request of any member of the Chapter or persons outside of the chapter

vi.         Organize the creation and design of advertisements requested by the Governing Council for various projects

vii.        Keep attendance

viii.       At every meeting, determine and announce the number of members able to vote.

ix.         Warn active member when they are close to violating the attendance policy

x.         Submit constitutional amendments to the Administrative Assistant (of NC-ACLU Chapter)  via email for approval

F.   Active Members with no constitutionally assigned duty shall have the

i.          Right to assist with or accept duties from the Treasurer, Secretary, President and Vice - President

ii.          Right to vote during Governing Council meetings only on and following the third consecutive meeting they have attended

iii.         Right to participate in discussion and debate

iv.         Right to retain the Active Member status and privileges so long as they do not miss more then one meeting in a row

v.         Right to be on all pertinent lists serves

G.  Non-Active Members shall have the following powers and rights:

i.          The right to attend meetings

ii.          The right to become Active Members by attending three or more meetings in a row

iii.         The right to participate discussion

iv.         Have no right to participate in votes relevant to endorsements, projects, constitutional changes or elections.

vi.         Have the right to run for any position.

2.   Any member of the chapter must be nominated by another member and seconded by another member in order to be challenger for a council position. 

3.   Elections for Interim President shall be held by the second Friday of April. 

A.  The Interim President shall:

i.          Take office and accept full powers no later then the third Friday of April

ii.          Be invested with all powers and duties granted to the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer,

iii.         Keep and hold all property belonging to ACLU

iv.         Conduct any event he/she wishes to do so in the name of ACLU at NCSU so long as the Administrative Assistant of NC-ACLU chapter is fully aware of it. 

v.         Be obligated to table and recruit students at the beginning of the fall semester up until the elections.

vi.         Hold Governing Council fall semester Chapter elections -  for the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary - at the third meeting of fall semester that must occur on the third week of September

vii.        Cede all power, duties and property to the new Governing Council by the chapter meeting after the elections

viii.       Shall provide a written report of all activities and occurrences relevant to this chapter to the newly installed Governing Council

4.   Council members shall serve terms in increments of two semesters at a time, beginning the no later then the last Saturday of September in the fall semester following the election and end on the third Friday of April in the spring semester.  

5.   No Council member can occupy the same position for more then two calendar years. 

6.   There shall be an attendance policy for duty performing officers, which shall require the attendance of any duty performing officer for the minimum of eighty percent of the projected meetings in order to be allowed to continue holding the elected positions.

A.  The Secretary shall determine what constitutes “eighty percent of projected meetings”.

B.   Any council member who is absent with a valid excuse such as an illness, class conflict with group meeting time, medical or family emergency will be excused from the repercussions of this policy.

C.  Any council member who is incapable of attending must give prior notice to the President.

D.  In the event that a council member is not in accordance with the attendance policy he or she may be impeached from their respective office by a vote of a majority of active members. The President can only use the veto power when there is a tie.  The President may not vote or use the veto when he/she is being impeached, nonetheless, his impeachment must pass by a majority.  

Article VI:  Transfer of Power

1.   In case there is a transfer of power from one year to the next the Governing    Council shall follow the following procedure

A.  If Interim President is not elected; the Governing Council shall hand   over all physical property, all relevant information regarding the checking account, the list of list serves and their access codes and the website files belonging to the NCSU’s ACLU Chapter to the official university advisor. 

B.   If an Interim President is elected AND will reside in Raleigh during the summer, the Governing Council shall transfer all physical property, all relevant information regarding the checking account, the list of list serves and their access codes and the website files belonging to the NCSU’s ACLU Chapter to him or her. 

C.  The President of the current year may not remain “President of ACLU” for the summer but may run for “Interim President” and assume relevant powers. 


Article VII:  Amendments

1.   This constitution may be amended by two-thirds vote of the active members.  Absentee voting by email only, will be permitted within 48 hours of the chapter vote. 

2.   An amendment to the constitution must be approved by a majority vote by the Governing Council and then submitted and approved by the administrative Assistant of NC- ACLU.

4.   Any Active Member of the group may propose an amendment. 

5.  The President may not veto any votes on amendments but may participate in the voting nonetheless. 


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