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              Over 100 Years of Environmental Stewardship !

Since 1907, the Air & Waste Management Association has played a vital and leading role on air quality and waste management issues.  Since the earliest awareness of the burgeoning nuisance of smoke in the early 20th Century, the growth of environmental professions and the Association's work have been closely tied.

We are very excited about the A&WMA's 101st Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon!

Important News

  • 2008 call for papers for annual meeting click here to travel to the international organization's homepage for more information
  • Special Student Opportunity for the 2008 annual meeting! In an exciting new move, the AWMA is allowing students to contrbute to future energy consumption ideas and compete for cash prizes in a program named the Environmental Challenge International (ECi). Click here to learn more!


If you would like to learn more about the student chapter of the A&WMA at NC State, feel free to come to our next meeting or contact one of our officers. Flyers are also posted in the stairwells of Mann Hall prior to each meeting.


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