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...aka NCSU-CVM's Bovine Educational Symposium is a unique opportunity for veterinary and animal science students to experience the many facets of the cattle industry. For one week, approximately 40 students plus veterinary faculty tour a region of the United States, visiting dairy farms, feedlots, cow-calf operations, processing facilities, and local bovine veterinarians.


Dates: December 10-15, 2012

Location: Texas and Oklahoma

Contact: Patrick Brinson



Dates: December 12-16, 2011

Location: Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia

Contact: Gregory Whitener or Jessica Scruggs




Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia

2010 Group Photo

Photo taken at English's Buffalo Farm in Bainbridge, IN


History of Cowabunga

In 1989, Dr. Barrett Slenning at the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine took ten students in two vans on a cattle industry tour of North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. Since that time, a group of veterinary and animal science students and faculty have made Cowabunga an annual event, with 2008 being our 19th annual trip. Each year the group travels to a different region of the country to explore the many aspects of the American cattle industry. In recent years, Cowabunga has visited the Ohio valley, the Deep South, Florida, and in 2007, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. The trip now accommodates up to 40 students, who take advantage of this unique opportunity to interview producers and tour farms, feedlots, and processing facilities, while integrating what they learn in veterinary medicine, animal husbandry and production science.



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