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2012-2013 Club Officers


President: Gregory Whitener

Vice President: Patrick Brinson

Secretary: Jessica Scruggs

Treasurer: Leslie Hash


T-shirt Coordinators/Fundraisers: Nikki Harris, Andrea Watson


Wetlab Coordinators: Holly Parkins, Jesi Leonard, Brandon Mallard


Open House Primary Representative: Terra Stines

Open House Secondary Representative: -------


AABP Primary Delegate: Amanda Kissell

AABP Secondary Delegate: Gregory Whitener


Class of 2013 Representative: Amanda Kissell

Class of 2014 Representative: Jessica Scruggs

Class of 2015 Representative: Brandon Mallard

Class of 2016 Representative: --------

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mark Alley

Congratulations to our Outgoing 2011-2012 Officers!
President: Jenna Adams
Vice President: Greg Whitener
Secretary: Erin Hayes
Treasurer: Andrea Watson
Wet Lab Coordinators: Nikki Harris, Holly Parkins, Jessica Scruggs
Open House Representative: Amanda Kissell, Terra Stines
Fundraising/T-shirt Representative: Nikki Schweizer, Amanda Kissell
AABP Representative: Amanda Kissell, Christina Park
Class of 2012 Rep: Harrison Dudley
Class of 2013 Rep: Christina Park
Class of 2014 Rep: Jessica Scruggs
Class of 2015 Rep: Patrick Brinson


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