CALS Undergraduate Journal Club at NC State


The CALS Undergraduate Journal Club will help students to become familiar with advanced literature in science and will help to improve students' skills of understanding, presenting, and debating current topics of active research. Whether you plan to attend graduate/professional school or work in any science field, it is important to learn how to effectively read and discuss the scientific literature.


Contact Information

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Ben Carr:

Kellie Vinal:

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Dr. Gerry Luginbuhl:

Fall 2008 Schedule

The club meets every other Monday from 7 to 8 PM in the Honors Commons conference room. All students are welcome to attend and participate. There will be one or two presentations/meeting. Please read the journal article ahead of time. The Honors Commons is on Dunn Avenue between Pullen Road and Thompkins Theater. Click here for a map.

Date Presenter(s) Journal articles Links
Sept. 15 Cancelled due to campus-wide power outage    
Sept. 29 Erin Wissink "Cortical control of of a prosthetic arm for self-feeding." Nature vol 453 pp 1098 - 1101. 2008
Oct. 13 Ben Carr "Intestinal Gluconeogenesis Is a Key Factor for Early Metabolic Changes after Gastric Bypass but Not after Gastric Lap-Band in Mice" Cell Metabolism vol 8 pp 201-211. 2008.
Oct. 27 Cancelled!!    
Nov. 10 Kellie Vinal "A Network Model of H5N1 Avian Influenza Transmission Dynamics in Domestic Cats" Zoonoses Public Health vol. 55 pp 497-506. 2008.


Prior Schedules

Date Presenter(s) Journal articles Links
February 4 Sarah Kim and Dilon Weerakoon ClubOrganization and "How to" talk
February 18 Jennifer Ricks Intrinsic Sensor of Oncogenic Transformation Induces a Signal for Innate Immunosurveillance

PNAS vol 105 pp 1686-1691


March 17 Rushil Patel Cleavage mechanism of the H5N1 hemagglutinin by trypsin and furin Amino Acids (2008)
March 31

Ben Carr


Erin Wissink

Deconding the visual and subjective contents of the human brain

SATB1 regrogrammes gene expression to promote breast tumour growth and metastasis

Nature Neuroscience (2005)

Nature (2008)

April 14