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CVM GSA Travel Fund Guidelines


The CVM-GSA seeks to aid graduate students in their professional activities. The purpose of the Travel Fund is to subsidize, not reimburse, students for their participation at professional meetings.


A. Eligibility for funding is based on participation at a professional meeting.

Funding is allotted based on the following criteria:

1. Presentation of a paper/poster by the applicant

2. Discussant on a panel or round table

3. Workshop director or moderator

4. Presentation of original work

5. First author on the abstract

NOTE: There are many conferences which students are invited to attend due to their classroom or research achievements. Despite this honor, the Travel Fund is limited and must, therefore, restrict funding to only those who meet the above criteria.

B. The CVM-GSA is authorized to make one allocation per student per academic year unless budgetary funding is in excess which will result in one repeated allocation per student per academic year.


A. Travel Fund applications and expenditure vouchers are available from your CVM-GSA officers and linked below

B. The Travel Fund application must be received by Sarah Battle in the office of the Dean. The applicant will be notified via email upon receipt of the application.

C. The student must submit a CVM-GSA expenditure voucher and ORIGINAL receipts, proof of student payment (credit card or bank account receipts/statements) within two weeks of his/her return to NCSU.  Except for the account name and the last four digits of the account, all other extraneous information listed on the receipts (purchases not related to travel, balances, etc) may be blacked out with a permanent pen.  Due to various changes in bookkeeping regulations, photocopies of receipts are no longer acceptable for submission.

D. In addition to the travel voucher, one of the following MUST be submitted:

- An abstract as it appears in the meeting/conference bulletin

- A letter from the conference committee verifying your participation in the conference.

The applicant will be notified upon receipt and satisfactory completion of the expenditure voucher by the office of the Dean. Vouchers missing any information will be returned to the applicant for completion.


A. No travel advances will be granted.

B. The CVM GSA Travel Fund will subsidize the attended days of the meeting only.

C. Funding will be calculated using the following criteria:

- Funds will be granted by the CVM GSA officers and Dr. Meurs to students requesting aide that are in good standing with the guideline procedures.

- The amount of reimbursement will not be known to the students until the end of the period after all Travel Fund Application and Travel Fund Voucher have been received.

- The total reimbursement will NEVER exceed $500.00 per student.

- Funding can not be distributed to items already funded by other sources (conference travel awards, PIs, etc).

E. Reimbursements for the travels costs will be submitted to the University. You will receive a check from the University in the mail. Allow up to two months for this to occur.

F. Falsification of applications or receipts will result in denial of current or future subsidy while at NCSU.


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