About Us

NC State Drumline: Under the direction of John Antonelli, this powerful group of talented individuals has been raising the bar each and every year. Each member brings new elements to the table, but these are the things that make this group so unique...

  • Energy: Where ever this drumline goes, the excitement is sure to follow. Whether at a home football game, a homecoming pep rally, or tipoff for Pack Basketball, we’re always amped and revved up. This drumline brings the jams that turn heads and drop jaws. The individuals that comprise this group are always excited to play for there Wolfpack!

  • Passion: Each and every drummer on the line loves what they do. They lose sleep, fatigue their body, and commit to being the best they can be. The passion for the music we play stands out from any other drumline here in North Carolina. We take pride in what we do here at State. Every note we play comes from the heart, and no one can take it away from us. You can trust that if you’re State Drumline is playing, we’re giving it all we’ve got.

  • Talent: The technical ability of the men and women who comprise this line is phenomenal, and even more the ability to learn and grow is even more outstanding. Undoubtedly, any drummer that comes through this program will improve. With the mental drive and the musical comprehension our drummers possess, we are always looking to challenge ourselves. We can be happy with where we are, but never satisfied; Never stagnate. We will always seek to hone our skills and improve beyond our expectations.

  • Community: This group is formed by a select number of individuals coming together with a common goal: be the best we can be. This goal binds us, shapes us, and makes us the fantastic line we are. Being surrounded by people like this, you’re going to make friends...Fast. Who knows, maybe you’re drumline buddies will be at your wedding years from now. The bottom line is, if you’re with us you’re going to have an unforgettable college experience.

  • The NC State Drumline is always ready...are you?