Drum With Us

NC State Drumline Audition Information

Band Camp

Band Camp dates have yet to be announced for this year, so continue to check throughout the semester and over the summer for more information. We will also post updates via Twitter and Facebook.


Please stop by Price Music Center between 4 and 6 PM during your orientations to meet the director, Dr. Paul Garcia, and the drumline instructor, John. You will exchange important information that will keep you in the loop as band camp approaches. You will also likely be asked to play a little bit for John. This is by no means an audition or indication of your placement for the fall. It only helps us see what you’ve got and let you see how we drum. As stated on the website, these drumming sessions are meant to be helpful for you.

Audition Clinics

Dates for the Audition Clinics are as follows:

All of the clinics will be held from 10am to 5pm in Price Music Center. Take a look at the 2013 Audition Information Packet for an outline of the exercises you can expect to play, including those for band camp and auditions. The Saturday camps are not required, and are not necessary to audition, but they are highly recommended.

Come and Drums

We love to drum at NC State. Once or twice a week the instructor or section leaders will hold ~1.5 hour sessions where anyone is welcome to bring their pad and drum. We will go over technique and exercises that will benefit you during auditions. They are fun and can only help you! Please come and learn what you can before auditions. Dates and times are always changing, so be sure to to stay up to date with the calendar as well as our Facebook and Twitter.