New Member Information

Please take a moment to fill out the NCSU Drumline Interest Form 2013 and follow the instructions on the page.


Please come by Price Music Center between 4pm and 6pm during your orientation session at NC State. Either one of the Captains, Sub-Section Leaders, or myself will be present to Watch you play for a few minutes and offer some quick advise on how we drum at NCSU. These sessions are very low pressure and only exist to do the following:

  1. Make sure you know how to register for the class
  2. Allow you to meet me and me to meet you
  3. Allow me to get a sneak peek at how you drum before the summer camps and auditions
  4. Allow you to get some feed back into what you can personally work on before you audition for the line


Drumline auditions are held during the first 2 days of Band Camp. EVERY spot on the drumline is open. This means exactly 9 bass drums, about 4-6 quads, 8-9 snares, and about 8-9 cymbals. We will march the people and the numbers that will make us as successful as possible. I will announce the 2013 NCSU Drumline sometime on the 2nd (or early on the 3rd) day of camp. Every person that auditions is given a fair shot at making their spot of choice. You may audition for multiple instruments if you wish. For example if you REALLY want to play quads, start by auditioning for quads. If I find that you would be stronger for our line on a different instrument, I will ask you to move to another audition room to begin your audition on that instrument. It is entirely possible to audition on up to 3 instruments. Last year we had some members start out auditioning for snare drum, then moving to the bass drum room, and finally getting placed on the cymbal line. One member started out in the bass drum room and then moved to snare drum room. I will place you in the best spot for you to succeed, and the best spot to help the line succeed.
For more audition information check out our Drum With Us page.

I hope this info helps! Please let me know if I missed any detail or if you have any more questions.
John Antonelli