Beta Chapter Events

No upcoming events.

Past Beta Events

March 2012
Sunday, March 25
"Breakfast with Butterflies"

Monday, March 26
"Change for Change Drive"
"Do You Look ILLEGAL?" with Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc.

Tuesday, March 27
"Beta Birthday! on Wolf Plaza"
"Pursuit of the Butterflies"

Wednesday, March 28
"Butterfly 101"

Thursday, 3/29
"Building a Brighter Future"

Friday, 3/30
"World Foods"

Saturday, 3/31
"Wings of Service"
" Dinner with Alumni" [Sisters Only Event]

April 2011
Friday, April 1st
“Taste of Multiculturalism”

Saturday, April 2nd
“Multicultural Visitation Day"

Friday, April 8th
"Taste of NC State"

Tuesday, April 12th
"Beta Cool Down"

Thursday, April 14th
Informal Interest Meeting

March 2011
Tuesday, March 22nd
"Beta Butterfly Cookie & Brownie Sale"

Sunday, March 27th- Saturday, April 2nd
Beta's 12th Founders' Week: "Celebrating Another i11ustrious Year for Beta"

Sunday, March 27th
"A ΘΝΞderful Dough Raiser" and "Serving the NU Generation"

Monday, March 28th
"What is a Theta Woman?"

Tuesday, March 29th
"Healthy RelatiΘΝΞships Workshop"

Wednesday, March 30th
"Dinner with the Winner”

Thursday, March 31st
"Happy Birthday, Beta!"

February 2011
Tuesday, February 1st
Informal Interest Meeting

Friday, February 11th
"Find that ONE Love - Valentine's Day Event"

Saturday. February 19th
Service at The Salvation Army

Tuesday, February 22nd
"Beta Bake Sale"