Agenda and Minutes

Golden Key International Honour Society
Meeting Agenda
October 26, 2004

1.) Support for our Troops
Summer, our treasurer, and her aunt are making a scrapbook to send to her son and his unit in Iraq and they would love your help in taking pictures for the book. They would like to have holiday themed pictures with people holding signs like “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”, and “We support our troops”. We are going to have poster board at the meeting for making signs, so break out your markers and come to the meeting in a creative mood. We will also have a camera so we can take pictures of you guys holding the signs and wearing your Santa hats and red sweaters. You can also bring copies of your own pictures - scenes of winter, holiday lights, pictures of your goofy family - anything you think will help remind the troops of December in America and lift their spirits even though they are not here enjoying it.

Golden Key International Honour Society
Meeting Minutes
October 26, 2004

1.) Heather Ranhofer: Haunted House for Boys and Girls Club with Circle K
Thursday 6pm to 8pm
Friday 8am to 9pm - Kids go through from 6-8pm

Directions to Girls Club:
Take I-40 east and take exit 300, Rock Quarry Road. Take a left onto Rock Quarry and continue to go straight when it turns into Raleigh Blvd. The girls club will be on your left (you will have to go to the next stoplight and make a U-turn due to a median). It is between 2 and 2.5 miles down Rock Quarry/Raleigh Blvd. from the exit.

2.) Anthoy Fredenbug: One Stop Voting
Helping with early voting
- Directing Traffic
- Alerting staff about Curbside voters
Show up at the site directly, no need to make arrangements
Monday - Friday 11am to 7pm
Saturday 11am to 4pm

3.) Marquitta Raynor: Meet and Greet Veterans with National Society of Collegiate Scholars
November 4th Bragaw Activity Room 6pm (? On time)

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