What to bring

You may not have enough time for extensive shopping during your first weeks at NCSU; thus, it would help to bring along some extra clothing and personal items. If you like, you can bring some traditional foods or seasonings but you really do not need to pay for your overweight baggage to bring many things that you can easily find here at low price. The temperature drops down sometimes below the freezing point in the winter. You will see few snows, but it does rain frequently. In summers, it is quite hot and humid, with temperatures reaching 40 oC.

Airport pickup and temporary housing

Office of International Students (OIS) offers airport pickup and arranges temporary housing for new students. You can find out information about this in your admission package. We promise to do the best we can do for you!

Download the arrival booklet in Farsi

Download Here

ISA takes this opportunity to welcome all new Iranian students to North Carolina State University. Below is some helpful information in settling down to life at NC State. We hope your stay here will be enjoyable, fruitful, unforgettable, and extraordinary! If you have admission from NCSU, then, you probably have received some information from the university. Meanwhile, ISA would like to bring a few specific issues that you might be facing when you arrive at NCSU to your attention. You can also download our guide prepared for newly admitted Iranian students by clicking  HERE