International Veterinary Students’ Association
Application for Travel Funds
Fall 2010

Please complete the following questions listed below as thoroughly and accurately as possible. Your budget and itinerary need to be fairly detailed and demonstrate that you have clearly planned your travels.

  1. Name: 


  1. Travel location and dates:
  1. Outline your budget including money needed for travel, housing, food, medical expenses, supplies, etc. (please do not include personal items such as souvenirs unless they are for the VIP room)


  1. Provide an itinerary of your intended trip
  1. How will your experience further your veterinary career and expand your knowledge of international veterinary medicine?


  1. Explain why it is necessary to travel abroad for your experience. Why is it not possible to remain in the U.S. and achieve the same goal?
  1. What other sources of funding have you applied for?



**Please note: Due to the increase interest in international travel and demand for funding from IVSA, only the top applicants will be awarded. The amount of points earned will determine who receives funding and how much each person will receive.**