Current 2005 - 2006 Members:

Emily Blemker is a senior majoring in communications.

Lindsey Bryant is a senior in bio chemistry.

Kate Fisher is a junior in biological engineering.

Candice Gilliland is a sophomore in political science.

Emily Gordon is a sophomore majoring in Math.

Laura Herring is a junior in criminology.

Katie Hammond is a freshman in communications
Laura Little, one of the group directors, is a senior in mathematics education.

Jessica Schwarts is a freshman in Communications

Rachel Searles, the group president, and also a director, graduated last year and is practicing architecture. Unable to live without the ladies in her life, she's taking the necessary credits at the University to remain in the group for a semester.

Sherril Milnes is not an official member of the group. He was at one time the world's foremost operatic baritone, and serves as a constant inspiration to all of the girls. Thank you Sherril.



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