Today - 01/17/2018


Fundamental Principles
The Latin American Student Association is a student body organized within the rules and regulations of North Carolina State University. The Association promotes the professional development for NCSU students and the interaction and coexistence of people from the five continents who share an interest for Latin America. LASA organizes academic and social events in order to disseminate aspects of Latin American life, culture, tradition and values while enhancing the interaction between the student community members. Attendance to LASA events is open to all persons and not restricted to members of the community.
  • Establish closer ties with North Carolina State University alumni and enhance networking opportunities for students.
  • Inform the academic community of events that pertain to Latin America.
  • Analyze the current political, social and economic situation of Latin America by organizing academic events such as conferences, roundtables and workshops.
  • Organize social events to forge closer relationships between people interested in the region.
  • Promote Latin American culture both by organizing events and advertising those presented in the Raleigh–Durham-Chapel Hill area.
  • Work with local organizations in promoting Latin American and Latino issues.


Ingrid Arocho
PhD, Civil Engineering
Jose Santa Cruz
PhD, Plant Pathology
Social Chair
Lissete Betancur
PhD, Plant Biology

Johnny Maury-Evertz
PhD, Chemical Engineeringbr
Communications Chair