At the present time we have many companies available in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela for all interested textile students who want to intern for a semester or just for the summer. Our goal this year is to contact more companies in other latin-American countries as well as in Spain.

   The fields in which the internships are offered have to be related in one way or another to a textile field. It could be in design, apparel/textile manufacturing, information technology, or management.

   If you are a company willing to hire a intern of our institution, you should contact us at least three months in  advance so that we have enough time to fulfill your expectations.

   If you are a textile student of North Carolina State University, you should contact us at least one semester in  advance. Remember that the sooner you let us know, the greater the possibilities are that you will get exactly the internship you want.

   The interested students and companies should contact via E-mail, or send mail to:

     Textile Society of the Americas

     PO Box 8301

     College of Textiles

     North Carolina State University

     Raleigh, NC 27606 USA


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