Maitri Committee Advisor
Dr. Jagdish (Jay) Narayan
(Disinguished University Professor and Director)
NSF Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures
Department of Materials Science and Engineering at NCSU
Burlington Labs, Raleigh, NC 27695-7916
email: j_narayan [AT] ncsu [DOT] edu Office: (919) 515-7874

Maitri Committee
Saransh Gupta
email: sgupta20[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu       Office: 919-527-8540

Vice President:
Pushpendra Gupta
email: pgupta6[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu         Office:919-579-9931

General Secretary:
Vaishnavi Parthasarathy
email: vpartha3[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu        Office:814-441-4261

Arunima Chhikara
email: achhika[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu          Office:919-917-5386

Sponsorship and PR Lead
Meera Murali
email: mmurali3[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu        Office:201-423-4736

Sponsorship and PR Team :
Dishit Parekh
email: dpparekh[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu       Office:919-888-8274

Arunima Chhikara
email: achhika[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu          Office:919-917-5386

NCSU Outreach Lead :
Sreeranjani Pattabiraman
email: skuppus[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu        Office:213-321-4051

NCSU Outreach Team :
Anurodh Tripathi
email: atripat2[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu         Office:919-534-5027

Maitri Email Handling :
Manasi Ghogare
email: mghogar[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu       Office:919-527-8779

Event Production Lead :
Koushik Devarajan
email: kdevara2[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu       Office:630-209-0914

Event Production Team
Chinmay Tembe
email: cstembe[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu        Office:919-916-8449

Harsh Pandya
email: hvpandya[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu      Office:919-888-8423

Lokesh Charora
email: lcharor[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu          Office:919-633-6310

Manasi Ghogare
email: mghogar[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu       Office:919-527-8779

Satvik Andi
email: sandi[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu            Office:919-793-6595

Creative and Website Team
Vinay Sheshadri
email: vshesha[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu        Office:919-523-6617

Chetan Singh
email: csingh3[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu         Office:919-633-6096

Hari Prasad Sure
email: hsure[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu            Office:732-331-7681

Social Media
Nikhil Sriram
email: nsriram[AT]ncsu[DOT]edu         Office:919-527-8528