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Your membership in the Public Relations Student Society of America affiliates you with the world's pre-eminent student society. By involving yourself in the society's numerous national programs, you will gain exposure to professional development, leadership development, educational and networking opportunities unparalleled by any other professional experience on college campuses today. You are a vital link in PRSSA's chain of more than 9,600 members. Make the most of your membership!

Students may join by attending NC State University’s first PRSSA meeting. An annual membership fee of $55 must be paid by all members (make checks payable to NCSU Public Relations). Please complete your membership form and return it with your dues to the PRSSA box in the Communications Office of Winston by September 29, 2013. See our blog for updated dates (

What about PRSSA after Graduation?

As graduation nears, it's time to start thinking about your next step in public relations. PRSSA graduates are now being offered the chance to become associate members of PRSA, the professional organization, at an incredible discounted rate!

How much does becoming a PRSA Associate Member Cost?

PRSA associate membership is only $60! Regular PRSA national dues are $225 a year.

What are the benefits of a PRSA Associate Membership?

By becoming a PRSA Associate Member you have numerous tools at your disposal. Such resources include:

·         Professional development seminars.

·         Networking opportunities through meetings, workshops and PRSA’s national conference.

·         Accreditation program (APR).

·         Public Relations Tactics, PRSA's newsletter.

·         The Public Relations Strategist, quarterly publication with new insight into PR strategies.

·         The Blue Book, the directory of “Who’s Who in PR.”

* Remember you do not have to have a job at the time you apply for PRSA.

How do I join PRSA?

Fill out and submit the associate membership application: associate membership application. For more information on PRSA's many programs, including Associate Membership, visit PRSA.