What books/magazines should I read?

There are many, many good books on this subject (and quite a few bad ones), and we will have many of them in our alt.pagan resources list when it is completed. But the best book to read is Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler. This is not a how-to book; it's a comprehensive study of the neopagan movement in America, and the author is a journalist, a reporter for National Public Radio, and a pagan.

SP&M does have a small lending library that can be utilized if you would like to borrow a book.

Also, to get started contacting other pagans, the best place to write is Circle Network, P.O. Box 219, Mt. Horeb, WI, 53572. Circle is the largest pagan network in the country and publishes a guide to pagan groups around the United States, Canada, and overseas. They might be able to get you in touch with pagans in your area if you can't find them yourself.

If you start with that, then you will generally find pointers to other sources and resources.

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