NCSU Chapter of SVECCS

To ensure that the society provides its members with exceptional educational opportunities in emergency and critical care and facilitate the creation of new opportunities for members that may not have previously existed.

Article 1 - Organization
Section 1 - Name:  This organization will hereafter be known as the Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society; heretoafter referred to as "SVECCS" or "the society."

Section 2 - Incorporation:  SVECCS is a nonprofit organization operated under the direction of the National Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society, which operates under the guidance Veterinary Emergency, and Critical Care Society; heretoafter referred to as "VECCS".  VECCS is incorporated under the laws of the State of Washington as a non-profit corporation.

Section 3 - Objectives:  The objectives of the organization shall be
  • 3.1  To promote student participation and interest in veterinary emergency and critical care medicine.
  • 3.2  To provide opportunities for members to obtain hands on experience in veterinary emergencies and critical care.
  • 3.3  To provide and create new opportunities for members to further their education in the field of emergency medicine and critical care.
  • 3.4  To provide members with information about opportunities to work in the field of emergency and critical care in veterinary medicine.
Section 4 - Membership
  • 4.1  Students available for full membership shall include all full time students of veterinary medicine at NC State University who are members in good standing of NCSU's SCAVMA and have paid all SVECCS dues.
  • 4.2  Membership and participation in society activities are free from discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, disability, or status as a disabled or Vietnam-era veteran.
Section 5 - Officers:  The officers of the Chapter shall consist of a President, President-Elect or Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Wetlab Coordinator(s), Webmaster, T-shirt Representative(s), Chair of Community Outreach & Service, and one SVECCS Class Representative for each class year.

Section 6 - Elections
  • 6.1  Elections will be held once per calendar year and will be conducted via electronic ballot amongst SVECCS members only and be determined by majority vote.
  • 6.2  The SVECCS class representative for the incoming first year class shall be elected before September of each scholastic year.
    • 6.2.1  This will be a vote amongst SVECCS members only.
  • 6.3  The new Treasurer, Secretary, Wetlab Coordinator(s), Webmaster, T-shirt Representative(s), and second, third and fourth year SVECCS Class Representatives shall be elected before the start of selectives of the spring semester and their respective officer roles will begin May 1 of the calendar year.
    • 6.3.1  Elections will only be held amongst SVECCS members and officers.
  • 6.4  The president will be nominated and appointed in the following manner:
    • 6.4.1  The current president will nominate the future president-elect (for the following calendar year) before the start of fall selectives.  The executive board must then vote on the nominee, who must gain a vast majority vote (75% or greater) of the entire executive board to become the future president-elect.  If the nominee does not gain a 75% or greater approval from the executive board, the president must nominate another candidate who must go through these same procedures until a nominee is accepted via the executive board's approval.
    • 6.4.2  Upon May the future president-elect will assume all duties described for the president-elect as per Article 2, Section 2 of this document.
Article 2 - Officers and Duties
Section 1:  The duties of the president include
  • 1.1  Represent the needs, wants and interests and of the society at all times.
  • 1.2  Delegation of tasks and duties to officers and society committees.
  • 1.3  Scheduling officer meetings, society meetings, and talks.
  • 1.4  Appointing committee chairs to organize club activities.
  • 1.5  Obtaining new sponsors and maintaining communication with current sponsors.
  • 1.6  Be the liaison to other organizations interested in supporting or working with the society.
  • 1.7  Making final decisions on club proceedings.
  • 1.8  Maintain a current and constant stream of communication with the national executive board and provide the NCSU chapter with updates and opportunities relating to the national organization.
    • 1.8.1  This includes, but is not limited to distributing information on becoming a national officer and distributing the national newsletter.
Section 2:  The duties of the president-elect include
  • 2.1  Supporting of the president in his/her responsibilities.
  • 2.2  Organizing small animal rounds.
    • 2.2.1  Obtaining commitments from clinicians, interns, residents and other speakers.
    • 2.2.2  Communicating the schedule and details of small animal rounds to society members and the student body.
      •  Methods include but are not limited to email, the NCSU SVECCS facebook group page's recent news and facebook messages.
  • 2.3  Organizing volunteers for K-9 Down, emergency responder training as per need.
  • 2.4  Organizing elections for the next year's executive board.
  • 2.5  Assuming the role of president of SVECCS the calendar year following the term as president-elect or if at anytime the current president stands down from office.
    • 2.5.1  If the president-elect must assume the role of president prematurely, it is their responsibility to appoint their replacement as president-elect within 7 days of this event.
Section 3:  The vice president
  • 3.1  In the absence of a president-elect a vice president will be elected.
  • 3.2  The duties of the vice president will be that as described for the president-elect by Article 2, Section 2.
  • 3.3  The vice president will not assume the role of president after a term as vice-president.
Section 4:  The duties of the treasurer include
  • 4.1  Keeping records for all society accounts.
  • 4.2  Making deposits of the society's funds within a timely manner after receiving them.
  • 4.3  Making expenditures in a manner approved by the University.
  • 4.4  Only reimbursing expenditures if approved by the president.
  • 4.5  Presenting a semesterly financial report in a spreadsheet to the president that will include but not be limited to
    • 4.5.1  Semester start and end balances.
    • 4.5.2  Details of all incoming and outgoing monies.
    • 4.5.3  Details of costs and profits from all fundraisers.
Section 5:  The duties of the secretary include
  • 5.1  Keeping minutes of the executive board meetings.
  • 5.2  Maintaining records of all electronic correspondences that require the vote of the executive board.
  • 5.3  Collect and organize posters, literature, and forms used by the society.
  • 5.4  Maintain a current roster of society members.
  • 5.5  Maintain contact information for all officers.
  • 5.6  Create a club email listserv at the beginning of each school year with the university listserv service with the president.
  • 5.7  Maintaining and updating the society's public information board.
Section 6:  The duties of the wetlab coordinator(s) include
  • 6.1  Planning, organizing, and implementing wetlabs for veterinary students throughout the school year.
    • 6.1.1  This includes but is not limited to choosing dates, coordinating with faculty or sponsors to instruct the labs and gathering necessary materials for the wetlabs.
    • 6.1.2  A committee may be created consisting of members or executive officers to assist the wetlab coordinator.
    • 6.1.3  Recognizing sponsors that provide funding or supplies for a wetlab.
  • 6.2  Coordinating a minimum of two wetlabs per calendar year.
Section 7:  The duties of the webmaster include
  • 7.1  Maintaining and updating the society's website.
  • 7.2  Updating the NCSU SVECCS facebook page.
    • 7.2.1  Event, trip and fundraising dates.
    • 7.2.2  Uploading pictures of SVECCS events to the facebook site in a timely manner.
    • 7.2.3  Managing the facebook page's privacy settings to disallow any sensitive content to be exposed for public viewing.
      •  Sensitive content includes but is not limited to pictures containing cadavers.
Section 8:  The duties of the t-shirt representative include
  • 8.1  Responsible for coordinating SVECCS merchandise pre-orders and sales for fund-raising purposes.
  • 8.2  Coordinating the staffing of club members at the SCAVMA T-shirt room and at the fund-raising booth at the North Carolina State Fair.
Section 9:  The duties of the chair of community service & outreach include
  • 9.1  To seek out and organize projects and trips that allow SVECCS to become involved in the community and allow for exposure and education in the profession.
  • 9.2  Complete all paperwork required for trip expenses or SCAVMA funding.
  • 9.3  The chair is allowed to employ the use of volunteer committees comprising of society members and officers.
Section 10:  The duties of the class representatives are
  • 10.1  Liaison between the executive board and the veterinary student body.
  • 10.2  Communicating information regarding society events and opportunities to their respective classes in a timely fashion.
  • 10.3  Relaying information from society members to the executive board.
  • 10.4  Assist with the organization of at least one SVECCS wetlab.
Article 3 - Amendments
Section 1  The Constitution shall be amended by the club president and voted upon by the executive board.  The executive board must approve all amendments by a vast majority vote (>75%).  All amendments to the constitution and by-laws are subject to the approval of the Office of the Dean of Students.
Section 2  The executive board may also amend the Constitution in the following manner:
  • 2.1  A nomination for an amendment may be made by an executive board member and must be followed by a second nomination by another executive board member.  This seconded nomination must then be voted upon by all officers and gain at least a vast majority (75%) of all society executive officers.  If this vote is less than a vast majority (<75%) the proposal will be null.
Article 1 - Membership
  • Section 1  Membership:  The membership dues for the following scholastic year will be determined by the executive board prior to the start of spring selectives.
Article 2 - Officer Meetings
  • Section 1  Meetings shall be scheduled at the discretion of the president.  There will be at least 1 officer meeting per semester in which all officers must attend.
Article 3 - General Meetings
  • Section 1  The club shall meet as determined by the executive board each semester.  There shall be at least one lunch meeting scheduled each semester with a guest speaker.
  • Section 2  The executive board shall schedule and decide the time and location of all general meetings that are not already assigned to the club via SCAVMA and make the information available to all SVECCS members in advance.
Article 4 - Wetlabs
  • Section 1  There shall be at least one wetlab per academic semester.  The executive board shall approve the content of the wetlab.  The wetlab coordinator is responsible for presenting proposed learning objectives of the wetlab to the executive board.
Article 5 - SVECCS Informational Board
  • Section 1  There shall be a SVECCS informational board that is maintained and updated each semester by the secretary and should be used as an informational guide for all SVECCS members.  The board should have a calendar or event list of all upcoming SVECCS events.
Article 6 - Fundraising
  • Section 1  All Fundraising proposals shall be approved by the SVECCS executive board and shall follow all regulations and restrictions required by the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine.  SVECCS must hold at least 1 fundraiser each semester and at least one SVECCS apparel sale per year.
Article 7 - Elections
  • Section 1  All officers shall maintain their office for one term, which consists of one calendar year, with the exception of a transition period as described by Article 1, Section 6.5 of the SVECCS constitution.  Student Representatives may remain in office without a vote for the following year if there are no challenges for the position during elections.
  • Section 2  All officers shall be elected via popular vote from all members of SVECCS with the exception of the president and president elect as set forth by Article 1, Section 6.4 of the SVECCS constitution.
Article 8 - Financial Reimbursement of Members
  • Section 1  It is preferred that the club utilize funds available in the SVECCS treasury to pay for costs associated with club events.  If a member assumes the costs for a club expense, reimbursement for these expenses is at the discretion of the club president, and should be approved by the president prior to the purchase.  Members seeking reimbursement should supply a receipt to the treasurer within 7 days of the purchase.  Reimbursement is contingent on available club funds and may not exceed the clubs earnings for a given academic year or the approved reimbursement amount; whichever is less.  Discrepancies in this policy will be decided by the SVECCS executive board.
Article 9 - Challenging presidential and president-elect decisions
  • Section 1  If in the case the president makes a decision or the president elect appoints a replacement candidate that another executive board member believes is unjust or without the interest of the society in mind, that officer may challenge the president's decision with a nomination to overthrow the president or president elect's decision followed by a second nomination by another executive board member.  This nomination must be agreed upon by at least a vast majority (75%) of all society executive officers to overthrow the decision.  If this vote is less than a vast majority (<75%) the challenge will be null.  A challenge to a decision may only be made once per separate decision and therefore only challenged and voted upon once.
Article 10 - Trip funding
  • Section 1  Expenses for travel and community service proposed by the chair of community service & outreach must be approved by the president and are subject to a vote of the executive board.
Article 11 - Ratification
  • Section 1  The Constitution and these Bylaws shall be effective as of April 2010.
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