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Second Year Information:

In 2014, VETS sent out a survey to the student body to determine which textbooks were useful. Listed are the results:

Georgi's Parasitology (72 responses):
69 didn't buy
3 use sometimes

Vet. Basis Path Disease (81 responses):
42 use sometimes
31 didn't buy
8 use all the time

Fossum's Surgery (102 responses):
​47 use sometimes
40 use all the time
15 didn't buy, but wish they did

Duncan and Prasse Clin path (86 responses):
77 didn't buy
5 sometimes use
4 all the time

Veterinary Diagnostic Radiology (69 responses)
33 didn't buy
30 use all the time
6 sometimes use

Atlas Radiographic Positioning (73 responses)
68 didn't buy
5 use all the time

Third Year Information:

Small Animal Internal Medicine (68 responses)
51 didn't buy
13 sometimes use
4 all the time





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