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Interested in other educational opportunities related to Wildlife, Avian, Aquatic, and Zoological Medicine?  Here are some to explore:

Focus Area in Zoological Medicine

Many Students in WAAZM have declared Zoological Medicine as their focus area.  There are certain electives, selectives, and clinical rotations required by declaring this focus area.  More information about the requirements can be found at the Zoological Medicine Focus Area website.

Advanced Topics in Zoological Medicine

Many students in the Zoological Medicine Focus Area take this course several times for credit, but the course is open to anyone who wants to join.  Even if you are not registered for the class, you are more than welcome to participate!  Refer to the website for information about the schedule of topics to be presented.

Environmental Medicine Consortium

The Environmental Medicine Consortium is a great way for students to learn about the lastest news, projects, and opportunities related to wildlife and conservation efforts.

Zoological Medicine Residency

The primary objective of this program is to assure the clinical competency of the resident in zoological medicine and to prepare the resident for the successful completion, at the end of 3 years, of all steps of the certification process leading to diplomate status in the American College of Zoological Medicine. A secondary objective of the program is to expose the resident to the fundamentals of clinical research.

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